Colour of Change Network - please see below and attached a new Job Posting for a - COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racism Project Coordinator - just released by the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice through the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic - a project funded by Canadian Heritage !


As indicated applications are due by - April 24, 2020 !


Please share with your networks and if you know anyone who you think would qualify, please encourage them to apply ! 


Job Posting Engaging, Empowering and Equipping Canadians to Combat Anti-Asian Racism (EEECAR) Project Coordinator -


Contract: 28 hours per week until the end of March 31, 2021 Pay Rate: $27/hour (plus 8% benefits) 


Start date: Immediate 


The Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic has received funding from Canadian Heritage to work on a project to combat Ant-Asian Racism as a result of COVID-19. CSALC is working with several other community organisations in this project. We are hiring a project coordinator to oversee the entire project. 


Description: Guided by principles of decolonisation, anti-racism, anti-discrimination and anti-oppression, the Project Coordinator reports to President of Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and is accountable to the Steering Committee of EEECAR to coordinate and facilitate the smooth implementation of EEECAR project according to established work plan and specified timeline. 


Key Job Requirements: 


  1. Provides project management to facilitate implementation of activities and tasks according to established work-plan and timeline. 
  2. Provides supports to partner organisations to facilitate implementation of the work-plan 
  3. Oversees contract compliance of all contracted service providers to ensure deliverable's are completed on time and within budget 
  4. Provides advice to facilitate development of websites and online tools 
  5. Provides reports and supports to the Steering Committee to facilitate decision making 
  6. Facilitates the participation and engagement of volunteers and community members in the project 
  7. Facilitates the engagement of advisers of the project 
  8. Collaborates with CSALC to oversee financial management of the project and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements 
  9. Collaborates with CSALC to develop budget and submit to Steering Committee for approval

10.Collaborates with CSALC to review and make revisions to the budget for approval by Steering Committee 

11.Collaborates with CSALC to provide financial reports to the Steering Committee and the funder to comply with requirements as appropriate.


Key Qualifications: 


  1. Experience in working with community members, community organisations and agencies to address issues faced by racialised communities, and particularly Asian Canadian communities
  2. Sound understanding of, and experience working for, access, equity and inclusion in community Projects 
  3. Demonstrated project management and implementation skills, including the management of multiple stakeholders, and meeting multiple project deadlines 
  4. Excellent communications, facilitation, planning, organisational and time management skills
  5. Knowledge of and experience with developing web based and social media content including graphics, videos and podcasts 
  6. Experience in web and social media promotion across various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  7. Experience working from an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and fuller anti-oppressive perspective 
  8. Awareness of systemic barriers faced by equity-seeking groups; either from first-hand experience, work and/or educational background 


Deadline Application: April 24, 2020 before 5 p.m. 


To apply, please submit resume and cover letter by email to: 


We thank all applicants for their interest but will only contact candidates shortlisted for interviews.  


Thank you - 


Avvy Yao-Yao Go

Barrister & Solicitor

Clinic Director

Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

123 Edward Street, Suite 505

Toronto, Ontario

M5G 1E2

Tel: (416) 971-9674

Toll Free: 1-(844) 971-9674

Fax: (416) 971-6780

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