Access Affiance Multicultural Health and Community Services (Access Alliance) launched the Immigrant Insight Scholars Initiative (IISI) in 2017 to enable internationally educated researchers to build local experience, track records, and professional networks needed to transition to a successful career as a researcher in Canada. 

The project is targeted at internationally educated researchers/analysts epidemiologists statisticians, clinician scientists, evaluation experts, community based researchers) who are currently under-employed or are in precarious employment. 
The work of IISI is guided by an interdisciplinary Advisory Committee comprised of academics, service providers and government representatives from settlement/employment, education and health sectors. Members of the Advisory Committee are key partners for the IISI, and their role is key to the development and ultimate success of the program. Advisory Committee members are responsible for providing strategic advice for the project, contributing to the ongoing evaluation, and identifying partnership and funding opportunities.
The Immigrant Insight Scholars Initiative has two components: 

IISI fellowships are granted on a competitive basis to internationally educated researchers/evaluators wit outstanding qualifications as well as to young and emerging advocates. The program offers two types of fellowships: (i) the Immigrant Insight Scholars (IIS) fellowships for internationally educated researchers/analysts, who have arrived in Canada within the last 7 years, to develop their Canadian experience and professional network to transition to a career as a researcher; and, (ii) the Young Insight Scholars (YIS) fellowship for young and emerging scholars/advocates, who are less than 30 years old, and are passionate about mobilizing evidence to advance equity. YIS fellowships are open to immigrants and Canadian-born. 
With structured support from mentors, the Scholars conduct research, analyze data, write reports, and engage in knowledge translation (KT) activities to mobilize knowledge and action. In addition to mentorship from established researchers, the IISI fellows receive professional development, collegial support, career networking opportunities, and other supports to transition to a successful career as a researcher/analyst in Canada. The current IISI fellows as well as the alumni of the program have the opportunity to benefit from the activities associated with the Immigrant Researchers Support Network (IRSN). 
Immigrant Researcher Support Network (IRSN) 
Based on advice from Advisory Committee members to support a broader group of internationally educated researchers, this more recent initiative focuses on creating a peer support and networking platform called the Immigrant Researcher Support Network (IRSN). The goals of the IRSN are to support the professional success of internationally trained researchers and evaluators by promoting active peer support and providing appropriate opportunities for career networking and professional development. The IRSN component provides in-person and online peer networking and knowledge sharing opportunities for internationally educated researchers across Canada. We also offer workshops on topics such as career bridging and building knowledge about research in a Canadian context. 
Also, there are no fees associated with this program. You will be able to see the fellowship applications on the opportunities page on the IRSN portal.