Compeer | IRSN Coffee Chat | November 27, 2020

Compeer | IRSN Coffee Chat | November 27, 2020



Social Isolation in the seniors can have a major impact on their lives. It is a complex issue, resulting from a variety of circumstances and situations. Social isolation happens when a senior’s social participation or social contact drops. About 30% of Canadian seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated. With the help of organizations, individuals, and technology, seniors can overcome social isolation.

This presentation introduces the attendees to COMPEER. Compeer is a proposal for a technological solution to provide the senior population the confidence to overcome Social Isolation and depression. The prototype, a personal virtual assistant, is in the form of a wearable device, i.e., a necklace with a connection to a mobile application. Through social inclusion, users can improve overall mental and physical health.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Teja Sri Maganti is a Dental Surgeon from India and a Health Informatics Professional. She has two years of experience as a clinical practitioner of dentistry and also has worked as First-line EPIC support in Trillium Health Partners for the Epic Implementation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Systems Management from Fanshawe College, Canada. Currently, she is pursuing Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics at George Brown College and a Placement Student working with Immigrant Research Support Network (IRSN) at Access Alliance.

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