IMGs, Canadian Health System, and COVID 19 pandemic. Most countries including Canada are affected by the pandemic and it is a complex landscape to navigate through. Like many other countries, the situation of the pandemic in Canada is challenging. In this regard, how do IMGs with their skills and knowledge fit in the Canadian Health system to have a mutual benefit in mitigating the pandemic effects?
This presentation introduces the attendees to the current state of IMGs in Canada, the Canadian Health System, and the COVID 19 pandemic from an IMG and a public health specialist perspective. This presentation focuses on the challenges faced by IMGs, job opportunities, and contributing to the Candian Health system in a meaningful way.

Speaker bio:

Dr. Shruthi Nadiga is a physician registered in India and a public health specialist. Shruthi has seven years of work experience as a general practitioner, palliative care medical officer, and public health specialist. She has worked in non-profit organizations working in remote areas in several south Indian states as well as in organizations like UNICEF, Harvard School of Public Health. She is currently working at the Government of Nunavut as a communicable disease specialist facilitating COVID 19 outbreak management in various communities in Nunavut. She has a medical degree from India and a Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her passion is in whole-person care and bringing healthcare accessibility to all planet dwellers.

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