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We would like to know your opinion on our recent IRSN event held on January 15, 2020.  Your perspectives and opinions will immensely help us to address your professional development requirements in our future IRSN events. We are very keen on fulfilling your expectations in our future events. Please share your thoughts

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    • Thank you very much Ahmed for your feed back. We are glad to hear that you found the event constructive. And thank you for your valuable suggestions. We are actively thinking of organizing capacity development workshops particularly on data analysis and softwares in the near future. 

  • The keynote speaker engaged me fully with the information they shared, and the manner they presented. The resume workshop had valuable information that I hadn't known about before. I would have liked to have hard copies of at least some of the resumes they studied in detail for better engagement.  Thank you overall for a great event!

    • Thank you very much Batu for your feed back. Yes I agree it would have been great if we had provided you hard copy of the reviewed resumes. Your suggestions are valuable in improvsing our future sessions. We look forward to your active engagement in the network

  • All the speakers of the event shared quality information, especially regarding researchers who want to transition to the medical research industry in Canada. It was a good opportunity to ask them questions and take their guidance. Access Alliance team was also present to meet the IRSN members attending. Time management of the event was perfect and the food was delicious. The IRSN platform is a motivating platform and volunteering for this event is always a pleasure.

    • Thank you very much Mehvish for the feed back. Feel free to share your expectations from future events. We are very keen on fulfilling your requirements in the future events

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