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We would like to know your opinion on our recent IRSN event held on January 15, 2020.  Your perspectives and opinions will immensely help us to address your professional development requirements in our future IRSN events. We are very keen on fulfilling your expectations in our future events. Please share your thoughts

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  • Hi Aysha, I already told you this but I seriously think this IRSN meeting was the best of all three I attended. I found the resume writing workshop to be especially helpful and the first key note speaker presented the topic of big data in a way that didn't make it seem as scary as it sounds!

    My suggestion for future meetings, in addtion to bringing speakers to present us international researchers with topics that might open career opportunities for us here in Canada, is to perhaps dedicated one of the meetings to bringing together internationally trained researchers, allowing them to talk about theirselves and their experiences both here and back home (perhaps like Musammat suggested pick a few researchers and give them 5-7 minutes to showcase their work), with leaders from research institutions in Ontario which will be a great opportunity to create linkages with them and maybe career opportunities will arise from such networking events. 

    • Thank you very much Amani for your feed back and words of encouragement. Glad to hear that you found the sessions informative. And thank you very much for  your initiative to collaborate with other IRSN members while suggesting new ideas. We are extremely glad to see this discussion yielding some ground breaking ideas and will definitely take your suggestions into account while planning our future events.

  • Dear Aysha, 

    I usually attend the IRSN meetings and everytime I learn something new!
    The recent meeting was also well organized and had great keynote speeches as expected. The resume writing session added new idea of how to prepare and check the resume for having the necessary keywords to be picked up by the computer programs.
    The other presentation has good updates on knowledge translation, that was very useful for me.
    So, I enjoyed the meeting, the speeches, the food and the networking opportunity. 
    Thank you and the volunteers!
    For the next meetings, I can suggest inviting key persons from research institutes, if possible, in order to make the opportunity for networking between IRSN members and the research job market.
    Also I wonder if somebody can be invited to talk about initiating small businesses in the field of research.
    • Thank you very much Ali for your valuable feed back and ideas for the future events. We will definitely take into account your suggestions while planning our future events, particularly the one on employer engagement. We are glad that you found the event useful. We will look forward to your active engagement in the network

  • Dear Aysha,

    Undoubtedly, it was a great event! IRSN seems a platform for the change agents, where we can celebrate success and support each other in challenges. I appreciate Access Alliance for creating such space for the Immigrant Researchers. Below are the few suggestions for future events;

    1. Inviting 1/2 prominent researchers from the Canadian Institutes who understand international dynamics. 
    2. Engaging leading mainstream organizations(potential employers) by giving different roles( so that Immigrant Researchers (IR can meet with them in person).
    3. Allowing the IR (Immigrant Researchers ) showcasing their works.

    I will be looking forward to participating in upcoming events.


    • Thank you very much Musammat for the feedback and some great ideas. I agree creating a platform for immigrant researchers to showcase their works and inviting potentiol employers will definitely promote meaningful employer engagement. We will definitely take this into account while planning our future events. And thank you again for recognizing the true spirit of this network which is all about solidarity and peer support.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Thank you very much Ankita for the feed back. Glad that you found the sessions fruitful. And on IRSN serving as a platform for Public policy/ Social Science Researchers-we have quite a few members with these profiles in our network and addressing your requirements will definitely be a priority in our future events. And thank you for acknowledging the contributions of our volunteers. We are fortunate to have some dedicated volunteers in this network who have made some key contributions in making our events/activities successful. We look forward to your active engagement in the network. 

  • Dear Aysha,

    The last event was my first IRSN event. Being a recent immigrant who is fully immersed in the new study program and work, it was so refreshing for me to informally engage in a community with similar interests. It was so good that it made me want to become a member of IRSN. The last event had a nice mix of sessions with one dedicated to skill development (resume building workshop) and the other on research news through the knowledge translation presentation. Moreover, events like these are helpful for budding and seasoned researchers, especially, as they give a sense of the current which is making news as well as foster networking on shared interests. I look forward to further events and it would be amazing if we could have some dedicated sessions on working through qualitative research philosophies/ paradigms, analysis methods (STATA, creative analytic practices), negotiating hours, pay, full time/ part-time for students/ work permit/ PR, scholarship and grants available etc. I hope for an IRSN event soon as the more such events happen at a regular frequency, the more it keeps us all in the loop with IRSN work. 

    P.S. Thanks Aysha and team for coordinating the event so well. Time was managed well and the food was yum!



    • Thank you very much for the feed back and suggestions Aradhana. We are extremely glad to hear that  IRSN event inspired you to join the network. We look forward to your active engagement in the network. And we will definitely consider your valuable suggestions while planning our future events/capacity development sessions.

  • Dear Aysha,

    The recent IRSN even was very helpful and constructive, moreover, such events have the potential to build our connection and used to learn success stories of our members. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly continue such events and I personally suggest that to include skills training for our professional development, for instance, INVIVO, STATA, R programming which are used for data analysis, on our future events.  


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