Since I came to Canada in 2015 (the only) jobs, I could land two successive contractual positions.

I was very frustrated as I soon found myself jobless and discouraged . . . These are the times when you psychologically reunite yourself with peer immigrants, and what group could I relate more to than the (Immigrant…

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Hi my name is Anisa Karim and i am a Registered nurse and an Epidemiologist. I got my training and education from Pakistan. I came to canada in 2019 and started looking for jobs in 2021.I was introduced to IRSN platform through one of my friend. I registered myself for it and attended several coffee chat sessions which were very informative and gave me the idea about Canadian job market. It also provided me the opportunity to network with people who are working in the Canadian job market,…

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IRSN Launch

Welcome & Introductions by Axelle Janczur, Executive Director, Access Alliance


Presentation on Research Ethics in the Canadian context by Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Senior Research Scientist, Access Alliance


Past Fellows, Ms. Momtaz Begum and Dr. Parisa Dastoori sharing their experiences and subsequent career successes

IRSN Second Meeting - Panel Discussion

Hossam Bakir published an article
Clinical Assistant Job Posting.pdf
Clinical AssistantMedical Clinic / Substance abuse…
Hossam Bakir published an article
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Margaret Nansumba posted a blog post
Addressing inequalities in HIV vulnerabilities webinar

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  • Hi Team,

    One of our partner agencies in Toronto has one Fellowship offer ($30K a year) for advanced quantitative research activities on poverty. Hossam will post the job posting tomorrow. 


    Akm Alamgir, PhD, MPhil, MBBS

    Director, Organizational Health and Learning.

  • Hi Team,

    Yesterday I had a team meeting with the MCC executives and today with the Fairness Commissioner of Ontario Mr. Irwin Glasberg and his team regarding the Practice Ready Assessment protocol in Ontario for IMGs to make the process streamlined and IMG-friendly.  

    We are trying to remove the roadblock for eligible IMG to return to profession; the recency issue was highlighted in the meeting; and the Quebec CEDIS model was also focused in the meeting.

    The meeting outcomes are positive. As a next step we are going to meet the ministry  and other stakeholders soon.

    If you have any suggestion to support the process, please write to me.



  • Hi Team,

    Please participate actively in the Forum and Groups for purposeful  networking and as a part of our commitment to feel you in.

    Aby will communicate you from time to time, stay tunned!



  • Please check this web-address for some opportunity updates for IEHPs:


    Thank you.



    Mobilizing Ontario's IEHPs for COVID-19
  • Hi All,

    Unfortunately, there was a spam from someone in the system. That member has been removed from the portal. Aysha worked very hard to keep these stuff running. Right now, we don't have a dedicated coordinator for maintaining this site. We're planning to get someone after the COVID-19 crisis is over. 

    If you find any issue, please forward it to the email research@accessalliance.ca. My good colleague, Miranda Saroli, will try to support you as much as she can. 

    We've a more robust plan with this network, connecting it to a settlement agenda. 

    Your support is important for us. 

    Best regards,


  • Hi Christopher,

    I am no longer the admin of this portal. However, I have notified the concerned authorities at Access Alliance.




This reply was deleted.

Human Centred Design vs Design Thinking vs Service Design vs UX …. What do they all mean?

Not sure if this is appropriate to post here, so admins please feel free to delete this if not.As I explore and try to make sense of the terms, I came across this article on linkedin that attempts to explain them, and thought someone might find them useful. Anyone who works in or has knowledge of any of these, welcome to comment.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/human-centred-design-vs-thinking-service-ux-what-do-all-simonds/

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1 Reply · Reply by Hossam Bakir Jul 27, 2021

Migrant aspirations

A new artilce (systematic literature review), published recently, summarises drivers of migration-why migrants live thier countries of origin. What do you think?https://jorgencarling.medium.com/what-makes-people-want-to-migrate-b91ad7d9ddb0?fbclid=IwAR1BeAdfXy1AqvBzc2fEX9SVmg6t-KHI0BRTPC7C7JJks4djY8pqqerf79o

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1 Reply · Reply by Elda Dakli Jul 28, 2021

Opinion on the recent IRSN event (Jan 15, 2020) and your expectations from our future events

Hello Everyone, We would like to know your opinion on our recent IRSN event held on January 15, 2020.  Your perspectives and opinions will immensely help us to address your professional development requirements in our future IRSN events. We are very keen on fulfilling your expectations in our future events. Please share your thoughts

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15 Replies · Reply by Aysha Shamsuddin Feb 19, 2020

Professional Development Topics for IERs

  Hi everyone! Can you help me find some potential topics for professional development workshops that we are planning to organize for Internationally Educated Researchers (IERs)? Here are some examples: Research project management and research funding Research ethics in the Canadian context Accessing and utilizing open source data Introduction to Canadian labor market data Effective Knowledge Translation Strategies Evaluation Use of social media for professional networking Thank you!

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19 Replies · Reply by Sara Subhan Apr 20, 2020

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