MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions is recruiting Black, Indigenous, and other students of colour to join their team as summer students. The application deadline is April 16, 2021.

Based at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, MAP is home to 27 of Canada's top scientists in health equity and population health, including seven Canada Research Chairs. MAP research is defined by scientific excellence, a focus on rapid scale-up, and long-term community and policy partnerships. The centre's mission is to create a healthier future for all.

Summer students work with MAP scientists and staff on health equity research projects. This program is a great opportunity to gain research skills, experience, and mentorship at one of Canada's leading research centres.

Learn more and apply:

Applicants must be:

  • Interested in building research skills and exploring a career in research that aims to reduce health inequities
  • Self-identified as Black, Indigenous or a person of colour
  • Enrolled in a university/college undergraduate program in Fall 2021
  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Available to participate full-time (37.5 hours/week) for the full 10-week program (June 1-August 6, 2021)


Questions? Reach out to:

Suzanne Zerger

Research Program Manager, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions


Migrant aspirations

A new artilce (systematic literature review), published recently, summarises drivers of migration-why migrants live thier countries of origin. What do you think?

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Compeer | IRSN Coffee Chat | November 27, 2020

Compeer | IRSN Coffee Chat | November 27, 2020 Description: Social Isolation in the seniors can have a major impact on their lives. It is a complex issue, resulting from a variety of circumstances and situations. Social isolation happens when a senior’s social participation or social contact drops. About 30% of Canadian seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated. With the help of organizations, individuals, and technology, seniors can overcome social isolation. This presentation…

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IRSN Coffee Chat - Introduction to HI, AI and ML - 28-Aug-2020

 Kindly find below the video for the Cofee Chat session on Introduction to Health Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Please click here to download the slide deck for your reference. Please use this forum tab for discussions or questions. Thank you. Comment Form is loading comments... /*<!--*/ if(!window.hcb_user){hcb_user={};} (function(){var s=document.createElement("script"), l=hcb_user.PAGE || (""+window.location).replace(/'/g,"%27"),…

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Opinion on the recent IRSN event (Jan 15, 2020) and your expectations from our future events

Hello Everyone, We would like to know your opinion on our recent IRSN event held on January 15, 2020.  Your perspectives and opinions will immensely help us to address your professional development requirements in our future IRSN events. We are very keen on fulfilling your expectations in our future events. Please share your thoughts

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