My success story


It is my pleasure to thank all IRSN members and IRSN team for their initiatives to support new immigrants  in Canada . I was one such immigrant, who benefited from their support. I left a very successful career in my country and migrated one year back to Canada in November 2018 with my family to pursue my career as a Clinical Chemist. I knew that the path ahead will not be easy and I may have to start my career from scratch. I left a flourishing career in India. I learnt French language to adapt to this bilingual society. I came across the days, when I was very frustrated and thought of returning back to my country but my patience, my family’s support and motivation of IRSN paid me off. Within 5 months of my arrival in Canada from India I went through two stage interviews and finally had a better job offer in my hand. The vehemence to pursue my clinical chemistry career and the zealous perspective adorned me with a position of Scientific Lead and Clinical Biochemist, Point Of Care Testing (POCT), Faculty Of Medicine, Eastern Health, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. I have been entrusted with work of three regional health authorities of whole province. I also work as Internal auditor for my lab. I have been paid full reimbursement for my Black belt six sigma certification.I have also been given a faculty position of Assistant Professor in Department of Laboratory Medicine, Memorial University. I feel this country is amazing and you have several opportunities if you are ready to face the hardship,so remain positive in life and do not get frustrated with your failures.

I would like to share my success story with you all.

I graduated from one of the finest medical schools and research institutes in India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. During my graduate years at the university, I learned that I wanted to be part of world leaders in clinical chemistry.

My zest for this subject advanced to next level, when I accepted Clinical Biochemist position at Batra hospital, New Delhi, India, a platform for “translational research”, where I could use and apply my knowledge of basic research in clinical situation. The hospital was a highly reputed, 650 bedded super specialty hospital, equipped with advanced technology and articulate and self-motivated staff. This new assignment was entirely new field for me and totally different than what I’ve been trained in graduate school. Being a fresh graduate my new job came with its own set of challenges and interesting endeavors. Transition from an academic institution to service industry was very demanding, where my primary responsibility was patient care. This was a completely different concept but my passion for research enabled me to pursue my academic interest. Very supportive and cordial work environment helped me to chase my academic dreams and my sincere efforts helped me to reach to the level of Senior Consultant and Head,Clinical Biochemistry Lab.I presented my research in many international and national meetings receiving international awards. I published my research in peer reviewed, high impact scientific journals. I also worked as reviewer for many scientific journals.My role as a teacher, a mentor and a guide had always been appreciated by students, colleagues and other faculty members.

In the past 23 years of my career, I had managed one of the largest clinical chemistry laboratories in India and was able to train many professionals. My primary responsibility as a Head was helping clinicians in decision-making and making them utilize the laboratory resources efficiently and economically for patient satisfaction.

Besides patient care, I had also worked as quality manager and technical manager of lab to assure total quality management of the laboratory. This included setting up the validation protocol for installations of auto-analyzers, evaluation of Internal Quality Control, proficiency testing evaluation, risk assessment and mitigation, dealing with customer complaints, CAPA, preparation for facing audit teams etc. As a result of sincere, untiring work, the lab had grown so much in past two decades, that it became one of the most advanced, accredited, state of art laboratories in India.

I am a certified auditor for ISO 15189 and ISO 17025. Being an auditor, I regularly audited biochemistry labs through the country. Presently, I work as Assessor for International Accreditation Services, USA and NABL, India. I also accomplished Certificate of Six Sigma Green Belt and finished my work project on POCT.

Other than the Biochemist’s role, I worked as a quality expert for many multinational diagnostics companies like Werfen India, Polymedicure Pvt Ltd, Randox International. I am a member of many professional bodies. I worked as a corresponding member for Society of Evidence Based Laboratory Medicine (EBLM) and Working Group of Allowable Errors for Traceable Results/IFCC.

In today's competitive world, there is a need to embellish our skills and be articulate about the technologies and techniques being used in the world of science and research.

During professional journey of life, I have worked with different people and learnt to polish my team work and workmanship. Qualities like goal-oriented work skills, integrity, compassion and a positive insight have been personified in me, which reassured my faith in deserving a position in an esteemed organisation like Eastern Health. This institution has been around since ages working towards the betterment of medical healthcare and has the consideration towards the aspiring professionals.

The prolific stature of this organisation has allured me to be a part of it and accomplish my professional goals along with working towards a sustainable healthy and hearty community. I see myself more motivated and more closer to the cutting edge technologies of clinical chemistry. I also found myself worthy of voraciously working towards the betterment of medical facilities and research, as I finally started my career here in this new country.

I wish you all good luck and great success in your future endeavors.




Vinita Thakur,

PhD, FAACC, Six Sigma Green Belt,

ISO auditor.

Clinical Biochemist and Scientific Lead, POCT, Health Science Center, St John’s

Newfound land and Labrador, Canada

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  • Thank you very much  Vinita for taking the time to share this highly inspiring story with the IRSN members. Your hardwork and perserverance prevailed!Good luck for all your future endaveours.


    • Thanks Ayesha,


      for making me publish on this portal so that other people take advantage of this.





  • Congrats Verita. You are a great examplery of IRSN friends. Wish you all the best in your new position :)


    • Thanks Parisa.I appreciate your compliments!!





  • Your journey is impressive. Thank you for inspiring me to do more.

    • Thanks Mehvish.


      There is nothing impossible in this world. Keep trying.





  • Dear Vinita,

    I would like to extend my appreciation for your amazing success story. The endless effort that you have spent through your career and professionalism has impressed me immensely.

    Thank you once again for sharing.

    • Hi Ahmad


      Thankyou very much for the compliments.I appreciate that you read my blog.


      All the best.





  • Nice story and very inspiring, I wish you all the best and success dear Vinita

    • Thanks  Arwa.

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