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I would say a workshop on qualitative and quantitative analysis would be very helpful. 
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Parul Sharma-Research Scientist/Health Researcher


Parul has over 13 years of professional experience in health research, teaching and research project management. She is certified in “Clinical Research”, “Health Research Fundamentals” and has earned a Doctorate in the Faculty of Science (Anthropology). She is trained in Biostatistics (SPSS, EpiInfo, NVivo); Community and Mental Health (ASSIST-Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), Non-violent Crisis Intervention (CPI); Mental Health First Aid; Standard First Standard First Aid and CPR-C and in Geriatric care (Gentle Persuasive Approaches-GPA, Hospice & Palliative care, Alzheimer’s Dementia and other diseases- Parkinson’s, Diabetes, COPD, Arthritis). She is skilled and well-versed in GCP/ICH, survey research, research design, research project management (proposal writing, development, execution and report writing). She has successfully completed four research projects including her Doctoral thesis and Master’s thesis. Her research interests include Biological/Physical/Forensic Anthropology, Oral/Dental Health, Public/Community Health, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Ethnography, Epidemiology, Nutrition and Breast cancer research as demonstrated by her scientific publications. She has published three books and seven scientific research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Parul demonstrated outstanding time management, communication and leadership skills as exhibited by her 16 scientific research paper presentations winning best paper awards for three. She is associated with numerous professional bodies in her field. She managed her recent research project a Randomized Controlled Trial independently where she successfully collaborated with multiple-stakeholders in a multidisciplinary environment and taught and trained 330 breast cancer patients to combat shoulder dysfunction, lymphedema and improved their quality of life. She taught ‘Human Anatomy and Physiology’ as a guest faculty and took Post-Graduate practical classes during her tenure as University Research Scholar at the Department of Anthropology, Panjab University, India. She is seeking similar health research positions where she can put her expertise and skills to maximum benefit for the success of an organization and gain new skills. Currently, she’s working as Research Catalyst with JobStart in the -"Collaboration Catalysts Partnership (CCP) Project” to identify gaps in outreach strategies used by the partner organization. Also, she’s working as a caregiver companion for seniors especially Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. To update her Canadian education/skills she has completed Digital Health Careers Program (TCET), LMANC-Labour Market Access for Newcomers Program (NCP) and enrolled in a bridging program for Internationally Trained Health Professionals at Mohawk (Hamilton) in “Community and Mental Health”.